Persistence $XPRT Complete Staking Guide —

⛓️ What is Persistence ?

Persistence is an open blockchain platform created to finance private business and bring together three sectors of the modern economy: Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Open Finance (OpFi), and Centralized Finance (CeFi).

💰 What is Staking ?

Staking is the process of locking up a digital asset to provide economic security for a public blockchain. You have the superpower to contribute to the security, governance and it grants you the right to vote on proposals and make decisions on the future of the network.

📈How to stake $XPRT ?

There are two ways to stake your $XPRT:

A- Using the web wallet

Step 1: Create/Import your wallet

B- Using the Cosmostation mobile application

Step 1: Download
Download the Cosmostation application on the AppStore or Google Play

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