Introducing — Imperator Validator

3 min readApr 15, 2021


Finally, the time has come to introduce to the public the latest infrastructure solution provider for the new generation of blockchain technologies Proof of Stake (PoS). The new technological era is ahead of us, so let us get started!

📚 A little bit of history…

Imperator was the title given to victorious Roman generals during the Roman Republic on their return from military campaigns. This is a great metaphor to show we have earned and deserved our place in a project as a validator : We think that is a beautiful representation of our team’s state of mind.

🚀Our mission…

We aim to provide an unmatched infrastructure service in terms of reliability for Proof of Stake blockchains. While allowing investors and token holders to profit from their assets by constantly increasing yield.

🛡️ The technical architecture

Our years of experience in Big Data allowed us to take the best of it and adapt it to the proof-of-stake world. Therefore, we have developed and adapted modules initially used in Big Data for our fully customized infrastructure service. The latest technologies in terms of high availability, security and efficiency are naturally present in our system.

We are working with a single-node validator with an active-standby setup, if the active node dies, we ensure the active node is actually dead and then manually promote the standby node. This allows us to safely avoid the penalty for inconsistency (double signing) and keep a close 100% uptime. Every node is hardened and protected by a strict firewall.

Two sentries are deployed ready to contain any denial-of -service attacks. They also have wide IP ranges to better contain the attack in case of flood

Each node is situated on a cluster, to perform we use Rack Awareness, the reasons behind are:
- Reduce network traffic which improves the cluster performance
- Avoid fault tolerance, even when the rack goes down
- Achieve high availability of data so the blockchain’s data is available even in unfavorable conditions
- Reduction of latency

Each node is monitored by the Grafana application with a home-made overlay to meet our most demanding monitoring and analysis needs. An alerting overlay has also been developed to prevent us with any kind of issue 24/7

The node, its backup and the sentry are located in distinct geographical positions.

Every week, a copy of the Blockchain is made and stored on a dedicated professional space and replicated twice.

And much more… unique technologies!

⚙️Meet us

We are two Data Engineers with many of experience at your service, while we maintain a fully transparent operation, you have finally found a team that you can trust.

Dilan ASATEKIN (Data Engineer/Scientist) — Founder & Ibrar ARIF (Data Engineer/DevOps) — Co Founder

📍 To sum-up

our service offers:
- A unique and reliable architecture from the Big Data industry, which is used in the largest international companies
- 100% uptime
- Increased security
- Superior machine performance
- Low commissions
- The experience of data engineer, data scientist and DevOps at your service

As you will have understood, we are putting our know-how from Big Data at the disposal of the PoS blockchain: as never before we put these latest features at the cutting-edge of technologies both at the service of PoS blockchains and investors to provide a reliable and efficient service.






We provide reliable infrastructure for next generation technologies $XKI $XPRT